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Presentations with indications


Stomatology (Gr. 1815p)

Autumn semester:

1. Introduction

2. Reversible intra- and extracellular lesions (accumulations)

3. Endo- and exogenous pigments. Pathological calcification. Amyloidosis

4. Irreversible tissue  cellular lesions necrosis, apoptosis

5. Adaptation and compensation. Regeneration

6. Hemodynamic disorders part - I

7. Hemodynamic disorders part - II

8. Acute and chronic inflammation

9. Neoplasia, general aspects

10. Red and white blood cells disturbances

11. Atherosclerosis. Hypertensive disease

12. Heart pathology

13. Systemic connective tissue pathologies

14. Pathology of the oral cavity

15. Pathology of teeth

Spring semester:

1. Pathology of jaws

2. Salivary glands pathology

3. Acute pulmonary pathology. Air-transmitted infections

4. Chronic pulmonary pathology. Lung cancer

5. Tuberculosis. AIDS

6. Pathology of tonsils, esophagus, stomach

7. Intestinal pathology. Intestinal infections

8. Disorders of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas

9. Pathology of kidneys and urinary tract

10. Endocrine glands pathology

11. Pathology of the male genital system, sexually transmitted infections

12. Pathology of the female genital system and mammary gland,  pregnancy and luteal period pathology

13. Sepsis (odontogenic sepsis)

Individual work (courses with the detailed description of microspeciments and macrospeciments)

8. Disorders of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

9. Kidney disorders

10. Endocrine glands pathology

11. Male genital tract diseases. Syphilis

12. Female genital tract diseases

13. Sepsis