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1. EURASIA 2016 LONG TERM Project, Norway: Education and Research in Oral Pathology. 16.02.17 CPEA-LT-2016/10106, executor Melnic Eugen.

2. EU Project ERASMUS PLUS, Denmark. Implementation of problem-based training. 2016-2019, executor Melnic Eugen.

3. The Project of the International Association to prevent cervical cancer , Belgium. 2015-2020, executor Melnic Eugen.

4. Project in neuropathology, Magdeburg, Germany. 2016-2020, executor Melnic Eugen.

5. The Global Pathology Development Project "Rationalizing the Moldovan National Cytopathology and Histopathology Laboratory Network and Building Capacities to Deliver High Quality Equitably Across the Republic of Moldova", Royal College of Pathologists. 2017-2022, executor Melnic Eugen.

6. Research project in histopathology. UMF "Victor Babeş" Timişoara, Romania. 2015 indefinitely.