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1. During the semester, there will be 2 totalizations for all study programs, which include the computer test and the practical skills test.

2. Admission to the final exam for the Stomatology study program - based on 8 positive grades (4 - tests and 4 - practical skills).

3. Admission to the final exam for the Medicine study program - based on 4 positive grades (2 - tests and 2 - practical skills).

4. Students who have unrecovered absences at practical works are not admitted to the totalizations.

5. No possibilities are given for the additional study of the microspecimens for totalizations. Microspecimens are studied only during practical works. 

6. Unmotivated absence at totalization or refusal to pass the totalization (practical skills) is appreciated as a spent attempt to pass the totalization.

7. Computer test on the day of totalization is mandatory. The student has 3 attempts (the first attempt is on the day of totalization) to pass totalization (test and practical skills) until the next totalization.

8. The student with a negative grade on the computer test is not admitted to the practical skills test.

9. The student has one attempt to improve the grade until the next totalization (test and practical skills).

10. Recovery of negative marks and improvement of grades is possible during practical works.

11. Recovery of absences – according to the schedule that is placed on the department's subsite. (

12. Recovery of absences is possible only with the dean's permission.

13. Absences are recovered with physical presence at the department. The time of recovery of the absence is equal to the duration of the practical work. 

Studying the pieces on the topic of the practical work in which was absent. Album is mandatory.

14. Absences on lectures are recovered by presenting  the written essay on the respective topic (if the number of absences represent > 30%).

15. Students with academic debts that were not recovered during the semester, will have the opportunity to recover them during the recovery week (only on the day of the practical work).

16. Students from the Stomatology study program will have the opportunity to recover academic debts from last semester during the recovery week at the end of the current semester.