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of recovery the negative marks and absences

at the Morphopathology Department

1. Recovery of (HISTORICAL DEBTS) negative marks (on test and practical skills) and  absences for students from previous years – on tuesday and thursday starting at 16.00, with prior registration. (STUDENTS WITHOUT ALBUMS ARE NOT ADMITTED TO RECOVERY). 


2. Recovery of absences for second (stomatology) and third year students,  – weekly on wednesdaysstarting at 16.00, with prior registration (STUDENTS WITHOUT ALBUMS ARE NOT ADMITTED TO RECOVERY).


3. The duration of the absence recovery is equal to the duration of seminar.


4. Recovery of negative marks (on test and practical skills) for students of second (stomatology) and third year – during seminars. Every student is entitled to 2 repeated recoveries of the negative mark, after respective concluding, including 2 attempts to increase the markonly until the next concluding (except the last seminar until the next concluding).


STUDENTS WITHOUT paper (model) for practical skills,  attached beneath ARE NOT ADMITTED TO RECOVERY

Practical exam (practical skills)